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Committee of Management


The Committee of Management is elected every year and is open to all members to nominate for a position as a Committee Member.
Elections are held in November.


2018-2019 Committee of Management

President:Richard Moore
Vice-President:John F Sercombe
Secretary:John Bambey
Treasurer:Elsie Langford
Committee:Ken Capps
Andrew Quadros
Garry Sambrook

The Committee of Management meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 2pm


Committees and Other Roles

Public Officer:
Ray Cooper

Grievance Committee:
John F Sercombe
Trea Weir

Programming Committee:
Val Browning
Heather Collyer
Garry Costa
David Langford (Chair)
Rita O'Keefe
Andrew Quadros

Presenter Training:
Richard Moore
Val Browning
Andrew Quadros
Fran Short

Ken Capps0407 438 283
John F Sercombe0429 483 300
Jeff Williams0467 522 034

John Bambey (Producer)
Steve McDonald (Production Room Coordinator)
Andrew Quadros

Peggy Smith (Co-ordinator)
10 Office staff

Fund Raising & Outdoor Music Committee:
Adrian Paul (Co-ordinator)
Sherrie Broadfoot
Max Dawes (Co-ordinator)
Fran Short

Special Events and Outdoor Broadcasts:
John Smith
John Bambey

Technical Support:
Garry Sambrook (Broadcast Equipment)
Garry Sambrook (Studio Equipment)
Ian Williams (Computer Support)

Online Presence:
Andrew Quadros (Social Media)
Ian Williams (Website)

Events AnnouncementsKaye Hamilton
Interviews CoordinatorRita O'Keefe
Library CoordinatorDavid Langford
Music ClassifierJohn Bambey
Roster CoordinatorKaye Hamilton

Richard Moore
Hans Katala
Garry Sambrook



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