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Pre-recorded Interviews will be scheduled for broadcast in the near future.
... details will follow




In a pre-recorded interview, Rita will speak with Eve Colley from the North Coast Regional Botanic Garden.
In this interview Eve talks about history and construction of the Botanic Garden Rainforest. Following on from this, Eve speaks about creating your own rainforest using her experiences as an example.
Concluding the interview, the discussion turns the importance of rainforests for medical research, the effect on climate and their importance to wildlife and insects.






2AIRFM is proud to present All About Antiques, - a new series of pre-recorded interviews about antiques.
This three-part series of interviews with local antiques expert David Mann, covers a wide range of topics starting with an introduction to the world of antiques, through to selecting and acquiring your own antiques.



Part 1

In part 1 of this 3 part interview, Fran talks with Antiques expert David Mann.
David introduces listeners to the world of antiques, including what they are, their appeal and why collect them, buying your first piece and importantly, using them as part of your daily life.



Part 2

In part 2 of this 3 part interview, Fran continues her interview with Antiques expert David Mann.
David talks about his life and experiences in the world of antiques, as well as providing examples of acquiring and selecting antiques based on a specific price range.



Part 3

In this, the final part of Fran’s Antiques interview, David provides advice for those listeners wanting to know which antiques will appreciate in value.
David also relates the trials and tribulations of acquiring antiques for his business, and some of the more unusual items that he has found during that time.





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