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Internet Radio Not Working ?


Please check the status message below to ensure that 2AIR-FM Internet Radio is operating :

2AIR-FM Internet Radio is currently operating

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Hints and Tips

2AIR-FM Internet Radio is operating, but I have no sound.

Please perform the following checks on your system.

  • Have you turned on your speakers and turned up your computer’s volume ?
  • Can you hear other sounds from your computer ?


Internet Radio Still Not Working ?

Please email 2AIRFM by clicking on the link below:

Click here to send an email to 2AIRFM.
We will try to determine what is causing the problem, and reply to your email shortly.




Mobile Devices: Phones, Tablets etc.

If the links on the home-page do not work for your mobile device, ... try clicking on this link.
... Tunein Radio nows streams 2AIRFM broadcasts.

Mobile Apps :
Tunein Radio also has free Apps for both Andriod and Apple devices.
When installed, type 2AIR into the Search option.




Alternatively, listen using your preferred audio player

Listen in Windows Media Player
Windows Media Player
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Listen in Real Player
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* When 2AIRFM begins to play in your preferred player, you can close this page or browse other pages in this site.*



Windows Media Player Note:

If Windows Media Player opens, but does not start playing,
- and a message 'Activate Windows Media Player Dynamic Link Library' appears ...

Click on the message, and then select 'Allow Now' from the pop-up box.



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