John Bambey joined 2AIRFM just after we moved to Jetty Village in 2001 and, because of his Telstra employment background, was able to assist with the wiring up of the studios with fellow volunteers Geoff Inwood and Rex Bannerman together with our ever present Garry Sambrook.
He started presenting with the easy listening genre of 60s and 70s music and still does today.
John was unfortunate enough to have a major road crash, which resulted in many months (more like years) in rehabilitation during which time his membership lapsed but in 2010 he rejoined and has been presenting his music on a mostly weekly basis as well a learning the production side of our operations. He worked with Ian Williams and Steve McDonald to set production back on an even keel after the untimely death of Col Daisley and is presently the Production Co-ordinator.

In 2017 he was elected to the COM as a Committee Member and in 2018 took over the position of Secretary, a position he still holds whilst also overseeing the Production side of operations.

In 2020 when Covid-19 first hit and we went into lockdown for 2½ months, John ensured that the computer music was playing, assisted by quite a few presenters who gave him music on flash drives, CDs and other methods for inclusion for which he was most grateful. Once we opened up again things went back to as normal as possible until we got hit with a Statewide lockdown in July 2021.
At the COM meeting when the lockdown decision was made, it was jokingly said by someone 'John, you should bring your caravan down and be Caretaker'.
Well, you all know the outcome!
John suspended his private life and moved to 2AIR with his caravan to make sure all the music flowed at the appropriate times, the News came through on time and generally being the 'Computer Music Man' as well as acting Caretaker.
This was a mammoth job which he took on with gusto but also humbly saying that he was prepared to do it for the good of 2AIRFM.
This was a huge commitment to our Community Radio Station and one that we have to acknowledge as 'well and truly beyond the call of duty' – I am certain that there must have been times he would have been thinking of all the things he could be doing at home, but his sense of commitment kept him at No 24.