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May, 2018 Edition



The year is flying by and it is time for another Newsletter, so let's get cracking !



Quick review of happenings since the last Newsletter

The Car Observation Rally turned out to be a mind-blowing affair !
I think everyone got lost at some time during the run and I think there were a few divorces pending due to the navigator's inability to pass on information in time etc etc. But the socializing at the completion proved a real soother for the frayed nerves and a good time was had by all. It is a strong possibility that we will have another in 2019.

Our Outdoor Music group held a very successful day at the Jetty Markets during the Senior's Week celebrations. The variety of good music coming from our stand was very well received and many compliments given by those passing by whilst wandering around the market.
They also handed out bumper stickers and information pamphlets, so all in all, a very successful day – many thanks to the two Johns who gave their time to make this happen.

We were allocated a date in April at fairly short notice for a Bunnings Sausage Sizzle - it turned out to be a huge success and we made the best profit ever at that venue – the workers were literally run off their feet all day !
They were so tired after closing but once they found out how well we went moneywise, the tiredness turned to elation.
Many thanks to all who assisted on the day !




The paperwork has been submitted, the NSW State Government Grant is waiting to be spent and earthworks and concreting should commence soon to concrete the back-yard.
This will give us additional car-parking at the rear of the studios as well as enabling us to erect a small shed to house the BBQ trailer as well as providing a BBQ and social area.

The under-studio area is now being used to hold Presenters' meetings saving us from expensive hall/room hiring.

Preparation for renewing our Licence will commence in the next few months.
This is a very detailed and time-consuming task.
Associated with the renewal is a Listener survey which will be conducted in September.
You can assist our application with short testimonials of what you enjoy about 2AIR; our programs and our involvement with the community.
These must be in writing with your name included. A letter or email format is acceptable.
The more letters of support, the stronger our application to renew the Licence will be.

I hope you are enjoying the (nostalgic) PASSING PARADE segments each weekday at 8.30am and 5.20pm.
So interesting !
Thank you Majestic Cinemas in Sawtell for sponsoring this, …if you have ever attended a screening there you will know just how comfortable their seats are, with no heads in front of you.

All our interviews can now be listened to on a podcast accessible through our website via the Interviews Page.

Our next Presenter's Training School will commence late June. If you are interested in being a presenter or know someone who is, please contact the office and leave your name and details. Some of those trained in February are now either on-air or about to go on air.

Nominations for the Programming Committee will soon open and this is open to all members, not just presenters. If you would like to have an active role in what goes to air and program management, contact the office. The committee meets the second Tuesday of each month at 9.30am.

I am still seeking the services of a member to act as the station’s PUBLICITY OFFICER.
The main role will be to promote the station in other media as well as develop on-air campaigns. This would suit a semi-retired journalist or a person who has experience in promotions and advertising. Please contact the office.

Thank you in advance for renewing your membership – it is vital for our continued development.

Richard Moore





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