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October 2023

Hello again !
It's time for the quick Newsletter to go with the Annual General Meeting papers and to generally update you on matters relating to 2AIR. - - - so let’s get cracking !

Fund Raising
After all the time with Covid lockdowns etc, the Fund Raising & Outdoor Music Team (or FROM for short) has finally been able to get back to working at their many activities and/or functions.
Some of these included Orara Valley Fair, Biggest Morning Tea plus quite a few smaller events.
Since the beginning of this financial year 2023 to 2024 our 25th Birthday was a huge success and we had a great celebration !
Our book 2AiRFM, the first 25 years was launched and is now available for sale at $15 per book.
These will also be on sale at the AGM.

Annual End of Year Extravaganza
Date is Sunday 3rd December and organisation is now well under way, – tickets will be on sale very soon and details will be given on air when finalised, so please keep listening and make sure you come along – it will be a great day !

End of Year Raffle
This is our major money spinner each year and once again the prizes will make you want to be part of the action.
Tickets are $2 each and it will be drawn on Monday 18th December at approx. 9.15am

Prizes this year are :
1st $ 750 Bank account – courtesy of Bendigo Bank
2nd $ 250 worth of Fuel Cards – courtesy of Bailey Centre Liberty
3rd $ 100 worth of vouchers from Park Beach Plaza Shopping Centre
So keep an ear out when and where you can buy tickets – remember the old saying 'You’ve got to be in it to win it'


The Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday 18th November 2023, at the Coffs Harbour Racecourse, Howard Street, Coffs Harbour commencing at 2.00pm.
All the positions on the Committee will be declared vacant and the election of a new Committee of Management will take place. The members nominating for the various positions have given biographicals which are available for your perusal well in advance of actual voting.
Click here to view the Notice of Annual General Meeting.
There will be no proxy voting as stated in our Constitution, so if you wish to exercise your privilege to vote, you must be in attendance.
At this meeting reports will be given on all the different aspects of our operations, done by our many valued members who willingly volunteer their services.
We thank you for renewing your membership or joining our family of members for the first time and we look forward to greeting you on 18th November at the Annual General Meeting.

That’s it for now !
The next full size Newsletter will be out soon after the AGM with full details of the new Office Bearers elected for the ensuing year and a general update on everything.
So until then, it's goodbye and we look forward to giving you more information on what's happening at 2AIRFM, our great Community Radio Station.
Hoping to see you all at the AGM on 18th November !

Bye and look after yourselves, stay as healthy as possible and always be happy.
Regards from Newsletter Editor








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