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Each weekday, at approximately 8.30am and 5.20pm, 2AIRFM will broadcast an episode of The Passing Parade, narrated by John Doremus.
This series of theatrical docu-drama shorts, focuses on strange-but-true historical events, both little-known and famous. It offers up a variety of odd and mysterious stories, often with a twist of irony.


Episodes beginning
Monday 18th March:
Episodes beginning
Monday 25th March:
Episodes beginning
Monday 1st April:
MondayDefied an Empire MondayHollywood Hobo MondayWicked Woman
TuesdayA Lover of Nature TuesdayVictim of Terror TuesdayNever Fired a Gun
WednesdayA Tragic Love Affair WednesdayPractical Joker WednesdayBlack Beard The Pirate
ThursdayGreed and Gold ThursdayResolution ThursdayFaithful and Fateful
FridayVerdi FridayFather and Son FridayHe Painted Portraits


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