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Sponsorship is a vital source of income to community radio stations and at 2AIR FM we really value our sponsors. Our Sales and Marketing people will do all they can to ensure a successful campaign for each and every sponsor.



As the larger part of our listening audience is over 40, advertising on 2AIR FM is a very effective way of reaching that demographic.

2AIR FM has production facilities second to none, operated by an experienced production team.

Special effects and music can also be integrated into advertisments.

The station runs periodical training classes in the delivery of scripts, to ensure its high standards of production are maintained.




Recording a Sponsor Advertisment

The steps in compiling a Sponsor Advertisement for broadcast are:

Once the sponsor advertisement is completed, it is then carefully slotted in to the schedule as not to conflict with another similar business, product or service.



Our rates are very reasonable and advertisement rotation is high. Contact our office for rates and details.



Sponsorship Rules and Policy

The Broadcasting rules under which 2AIR operates allow 5 minutes of paid sponsorship per hour.

The Station's Sponsorship Policy as well as the Australian Communication and Media Authority's Guideline for Sponsorship can be view on the "Legals" page of this website.




From time-to-time 2AIRFM will use music obtained from Jason Shaw's Audionautix website for backing tracks, (beds), in its Sponsor Advertisements.
These music tracks have been released by Jason under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.





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