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Tuesday 5th December, 2023 (Creative Corner : 10.30am – 12.00pm)

Olga interviewed Alina Loneck about the launch of Seniors’ Stories Volume 9, - a collection of 100 stories in the theme of Ageing and Life Lessons.
Alina was successful in having her story Wisdom Can Still Come in Winter, published in this volume. As a bonus to this interview, we were fortunate to have Alina read her story.



Thursday 2nd November, 2023.

John Sercombe interviewed Amy Husband, Company Director at Disability Culture Crew Australia, (DCCA).
Amy spoke about her work at DCCA and described what that work involves and what DCCA hopes to achieve. Amy also talked about her life experiences and her own daughter, and how important it is to educate the general population about interacting with those who have disabilities.



Thursday 26th October, 2023.

Ken Capps interviewed Sheryl and Margaret from the Woolgoolga Probus Club.
If you've ever wondered what happens at a Probus Club and what it is; - then this is the interview for you.
Among other items, Margaret and Sheryl talk about the background of the Probus Club, its activities and events, and how to become involved with the club.



Thursday 12th October, 2023.

John Sercombe interviewed Brian Carter from the C.ex Coffs Sports, Touring & Classic Car Club.
Brian and John discussed the upcoming Combined Car Show to be held on Sunday 15th October, in the C.ex Coffs Harbour Carpark. The show will feature a wide range of exhibits from the C.ex Coffs Sports, Touring & Classic Car Club, The Coffs Harbour Veteran, Vintage and Classic Car Club, as well as well as the Coffs Harbour and District Motorcycle Restorers Club.
Car enthusiasts will find this interview of particular interest as John and Brian share anecdotes about their experiences with cars, their design and performance.
2AIRFM will be in attendance at the show, providing music, entertainment and a BBQ.



Thursday 24th August, 2023.

Trea interviewed Marika and Duncan about the upcoming Women’s Health Week, being held from September 4th through to September 8th.
Marika and Duncan spoke about the Week’s events, and provided an overview of their content and objectives.



Sunday 6th August, 2023.

Shirley Lynch interviewed Tommy Memphis, - singer, songwriter and entertainer.
Tommy provides an insight into the different aspects of the entertainment business. Shirley and Tommy discuss his song-writing and performing from the early days through to the present; along with his preferences for shows and music, projecting an on-stage persona, and balancing work life with entertaining.



Thursday 3rd August, 2023 (Community Show: 9.00-10.30am).

Michael interviewed Fay Rollans from the Coffs Seniors Computer Club.
Fay spoke about the upcoming 21st Birthday celebrations and activities planned for the event. Michael and Fay then discussed the wide range of tuition provided by the club, as well as the club's monthly social activities.



Thursday 27th July, 2023 (Community Show: 9.00-10.30am).

In the first of the 2AIR People Interviews, John Sercombe interviews fellow Presenter, Mike Pearce.
Mike provides a chronology of his working life leading up to his arrival in Coffs Harbour.
Rounding off the interview, Mike talks about his passion for the Blues.
Blues with Mike, - Wednesday 6pm to 8pm.



Thursday 13th July, 2023 (Community Show: 9.00-10.30am).

Heather Collyer interviewed fellow Presenter, Ken Capps.
Ken spoke about how he began as a Presenter and some of his experiences along the way.
If you've ever wondered what it's like to be a Presenter, or maybe you're thinking of becoming a Presenter yourself, - then this is one interview you won't want to miss.







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