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Jeff Williams - August 2020


"Music in the soul can be heard by the universe." — Lao Tzu

Music is one of life's rare 'larger than life' themes; it is as old as history itself, residing in virtually every living element. Music can soothe the soul, reach broadly with its messages, spark creative dialogue, build character, and enhance self-esteem. We all recognise the visceral emotion a song evokes, as it touches our hearts and moves our spirits; we can truly feel it. Anon once said. "Music is the colour of sound".

Have you noticed that certain songs evoke strong memories and emotions ? My father's pride and joy was a combined radiogram, it was said to be 'hi-fi' not only that it was a genuine piece of furniture. Dad would regularly polish it and if there were a few spare quid around buy a long-playing record. Favourites like Nat King Cole, Perry Como, Dinah Washington and Ella Fitzgerald filled the lounge room with glorious sound. Sometimes Dad would augment our entertainment with his 'mouth organ' (aka blues harp) all played by ear with lots of 'foot tapping' enhancing the tune.

Truth be known, I cannot play a single note, but I know what I like. These days my favourite genres are Swing, Jazz and Blues. So being a volunteer presenter at 2AIRFM is manna from heaven. I love spending quality time putting together each are Swing, Jazz and Blues program and I really hope that our listeners enjoy it too.

It's a pleasure mixing with other volunteers, learning from them and simply enjoying their company. Being a presenter at 2AIR is one of those 'happy places' for me, takes me away from some of the more serious issues one encounters as a (semi) retired chaplain. I think 2AIR is pretty unique among community radio stations not just because it's staffed entirely by volunteers but by its inherent DNA to ensure that indeed "Good Music stands the Test of Time".

Signed Jeff Williams (aka Jeffwithaj)







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