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Brian John Burns (Burnsie) - August 2022


I was born in Brisbane in 1936 with brothers William and Dennis born in Brisbane in 1938 and 1942 respectively. All of my brothers and I were known individually as Burnsie.
After completing my final school year I joined the Postmaster Generals Department (PMG) in 1951.

In the course of my PMG employment I worked across many sections and locations of the Department. The last section in which I worked was the PMG Transmitter Support area of the Engineering Division Radio Branch and was located in the Transmitter Side of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) in both Alice Street and Toowong studios. It was while working in these areas that I was temporarily located in transmitter support area ABC 9PA Port Moresby PNG.
In 1964 I joined the Dept Posts & telegraphs Port Moresby and worked there until late 1974/early 1975 when I returned to Australia.
Dorothy and I were married in Pt Moresby in 1969. While in Port Moresby I was a member of the Port Moresby theatre Group which produced plays and musicals. I performed in both genres.

On return to Australia I came back to the PMG Department in Brisbane. I also joined a couple of Brisbane theatre groups. My association with music was part of my upbringing as our radio was always on stations with good music such as light orchestral, popular and World Famous Tenors (on a Sunday night).
My school years were spent in New Farm Brisbane, Gympie. Goomeri, Rockhampton and Mt Tamborine and all these schools had choirs and end of year concerts in which I was always a participant. So I have had music around me for quite a long time.
At the age of 17yrs I enrolled in a Brisbane singing studio hoping to become an accomplished singer. However National Service at age 18yrs put paid to that idea.

In 1986 I was promoted to Canberra. I did not forsake music or singing as I joined the Canberra Philharmonic Theatre group as well as an entertainment group known as the Brite Notes who entertained at retirement villages in Canberra and down the coastal south east towns.
While in Canberra I had a temporary transfer stint in Coffs Harbour. I liked the Coffs Harbour area and after I retired I decided to come back to Coffs Harbour permanently.

I joined 2AIRFM in 2003 and came on air solo in November 2003 and here I am.

I still entertain where possible as a member of the Harbour Lights entertainment group.

I enjoy presenting the music, my colleagues and the radio station.








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