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David Langford - February 2021


Hi everyone !

As volunteer of the month, I suppose I had better share some titbits from my life with 2AIRFM.

Having joined in the very early times (October 1998) I have seen many changes and have had some strange and quirky experiences.

A couple include having to go up to the studio at Big Banana to do a late night programme and having the resident peacocks roaming around – pretty scary !
Also up there we occasionally had a mishap at the transmitter which was at the top of the hill and you had to go up there, throw a switch or tweak it a bit and off it would go again – naturally it was almost always raining when this happened !

Once we got to the Jetty Village studio, the security there was excellent – so much so that someone who was actually 'on air' needed to get something from his car and he forgot to take the security door key with him – of course the main outer door closed and he could not get back in – luckily the security guy was around and let him in !

And now we are at 24 Glenreagh Street and the story of 2AIR continues. I have been very happy to play my part in this ever evolving story, like :
- being a country music presenter for over 20 years,
- been the Librarian for at least 15 years,
- being on the Programming Committee for 4 or 5 years and Chairperson for 2 of those years,
- compiled the rosters for presenters for at least 2 years and
- generally backing up my wife, Elsie, who was Secretary and is now Treasurer with any running around necessary for her to complete her duties satisfactorily
- meeting listeners and members around town who would otherwise have been just part of the crowd – such a good experience to cross paths with so many locals !

2AIRFM has been good to me and for me – I have made many friends with people who are passionate about music and I hope I can repay 2AIR with my continued support for many years to come - - - and of course play country music on air !







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