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Trea - May 2022


I joined 2AIRFM in 2004 because I thought 2AIRFM has the best Country music, Hands of Time, Jazz and Easy Listening. I have eclectic musical taste and can cover most music genres easily. At the moment I do an Easy Listening program on Friday 2-4pm.

Recently 2AIRFM has introduced iTunes to work alongside our MJM (our computer running program), CDs and turntables.

I was first trained using CDs and turntables however I've acquired training with iTunes, MJM and prerecording interviews using 2Airfms Audacity program.

I've spent years involved with several committees and find group dynamics interesting and challenging.

I can do the occasional live interview and volunteer in the office answering phone enquiries and helping with new and renewal memberships.

I assist the 2AIRFM promotional Awareness Day Coffs Centro with Kaye/Shirley and other volunteers that wander along. That’s a lot of fun !

You may see me pottering around in the garden here dragging mud about the place.

After 18 years I still love being involved with 2AIRFM.







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