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Christine Myers - November 2021


I was born in N.S.W many years ago.

I left school in 1965, and went to work in the Tax Office in Australia Square in Sydney for 1 year.
Left there, - went nursing in St Vincent's Hospital, in the Out Patients Department.

Then went to Concord Hospital to do Enrolled Nurses Training. In those days, we treated a lot of soldiers returning from Vietnam, who had many and varied wounds from the war.

I then left Sydney and moved to Coffs Harbour in 1980.
I worked in Family Day Care in those days to look after children, before and after school care, - as I had two children of my own, and that was a good way for us to meet people.

I then went to work in the old base hospital as a casual, but as there were no permanent positions I left there, and went to work in St Augustine’s Aged Care facility; where I worked for fifteen years, including seven years Dementia Care.

I then left there, and worked at the Masonic Village Aged Care Home, for a further 8 years.
I left there and needed a change from aged care, and worked at the new Base Hospital, where I worked in Community Nursing, - which was care in the Home of patients who had all types of wounds, from bed sores to stitches being removed after ops in Hospital.
I stayed doing that job for eight years, and loved it.

Then retired, - and my husband and I went travelling around Australia for ten months.
That was great.

I started working as a Volunteer about 2 or 3 years ago, and am very happy working at 2AIRFM.
We meet a variety of people and listen to a lot of Presenters with a variety of music, which I love.

Christine Myers







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