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The December meeting was held on Wednesday 19th December 2018 in the Meeting Room at
24 Glenreagh Street, commencing at 4.00pm.

Present: Richard Moore, John Bambey, Elsie Langford, Ken Capps, Andrew Quadros, Garry Sambrook.
Apology: John F Sercombe

Matters Discussed

Computer in studio 2 froze on Saturday night and the presenter was unable to fix it. Garry needed to be called in by morning presenter to rectify it.
Round table discussion was had. Outcome: morning presenters will be trained on how to reset the computer.

Anti-slip decking paint has been purchased. This will be painted in the New Year.

Problems with Saturday morning Bowls News was discussed.

Email from a listener discussed.

Suggestion to introducing a Power Point demonstration at some presenters meetings.

Discussion regarding free advertising for NovaSkil, (not for profit organisation).

Discussion about Presenters' meetings and volunteer forms.

New Members for Ratification:
. Paul Mannix
. Robert Walsh
. Robert Rowe
. Geoffrey Tregenza (Port Macquarie)
. Robin Hepi
. William Davies
. David Hough


. Gate for generator has been made and fitted but will need to weld a lock on the inside of the gate.
. Work out the back should be completed in 3 to 4 months.
. Having difficulty contacting a fencing contractor for the remainder 9 metres of fencing required on the southern boundary.

Computers & Technical:
. Age of studio computers, worrisome. May need to renew to I5 midi tower and Windows 10.
. Shelving for the cd players in studio 2 under construction.
. Switching switches still need to be fitted to the studios.

Programming Committee:
. Correspondence was discussed
. Fran had talked to Cliff Hudson and, with his approval, will start the New Year's Eve Party Time at 8:00pm.

Fund Raising:
. A report has been received by the Secretary, along with a fund raising schedule for the year.

. 22 paid spon ads, including the news, sport and weather stings. ... discussion ensued.
. A new flag type sign will be purchased for outdoor activity.

. The office staff loves the paper shredder.
. Alina Bachmann spent some time there during the past week as a work experience student. She enjoyed it along with reading community announcements.

Media & Website:
. 2AIR Face Book now had 468 likes.

. A concern was raised that some presenters do not have an organised play list when doing their programs. Discussion was held.
. Next training school will be in January 2019.

Licence Renewal:
. The licence renewal application is ready to be sent in.
. A new 'Expectations of a Presenter' manual is coming. It will be about a combination of station procedures, rules and policies as well as presenter obligations and music policies.

General Business:
. Free loan of out trailer to active volunteers for their personal use was discussed. Decision was to lend out the trailer, if available.
. No battery operated Stick vacuum cleaner for the office.
. Christmas party was money well enjoyed. It was well received by those in attendance.
. The street sign at the start of Glenreagh Street has been stalled by internal communication breakdown in Coffs City Council.


Next scheduled meeting of COM will be on 16th January, 2019

Precis compiled by John Bambey, Secretary, 2AIRFM





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