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The April meeting was held on Tuesday 16th April, 2019 in the Meeting Room at
24 Glenreagh Street, commencing at 4.00pm.

Present: All COM members were in attendance.
Charles Boothman (CB), John Sercombe (JF), John Bambey (JB), Elsie Langford (EL),
Ken Capps (KC), Andrew Quadros (AQ), Garry Sambrook (GS).
Apologies: none


Matters discussed were:

. 2AIRFM publicity sign not yet erected at Clog Barn, - will be done soon
. Matter re: unpleasant happening at Woolies last Sausage sizzle still to be finalised, - letter has been sent to Woolies and JFS has spoken to Manager
. Interviews for future use, - Ian Williams has advised that they can be done if person rings in, but we cannot do them if we ring them
. GS investigating with Klaustel to see if our on-air music can be run through the telephone 'hold', - can be done, just need to organise



. Grant has been submiited for the cladding and exterior of the house, - it will cost approx $50,000 for everything, so grant will help, if we can get it
. Due to asbestos removal from rear of house (on eaves), we cannot start the back area yet
. While asbestos is removed, will have to vacate the building for approx 2 days, - alternative arrangements are being investigated to keep us on air over that time
. Robin Hepi will be assisting GS with repairs and maintenance, - GS co-ordinating everything

Computers & Technical:
. Hum and Crackling in Line 1 on telephone, Telstra contacted re this matter
. GS working with Ian Williams re recording of interviews to get it right
. 5 second gap between News & Sport is getting shorter, GS to contact Macquarie News engineers re this matter

Programming Committee:
. EL reported on last meeting noting that it was very proactive with decisions made to start on 29th April - various members of PC to speak to Presenters affected
. Radio Plays - Pene made suggestion - was taken to COM and was agreed in principle and that she be asked to explore further possibilities and report back

Fund Raising:
. Still looking for hall for Christmas Party
. Orara Valley Fair on again this year - application for stands returned

Outdoor Music:
. Mobile generator to be purchased for use at venus without power - GS to investigate costs and arrange purchase

. Two new sponsors starting on 1st May, plus one already on
. Discussion on voiceover changes - decided that Production consult with Sponsorship before changing, - as clients want certain people etc - also decided to leave Mick Farrell on Sawtell RSL

. Peggy working in background only, - due to John's convalescence
. JB will be on leave for 4 weeks
. Presenters' Manuals still to be printed - EL will do this

21st Birthday Committee:
. Arrangements coming along nicely, - advertsing being organised

Media & Website:
. Facebook OK
. AQ to organise Presenters' Page on Website with Ian Williams

. JFS to do training sessions and Trea will assist with buddying
. Competancy tests to be organised by AQ for all trainees and a further test to be done about 4-8 weeks later

Complaints and Grievances:
. Nil

General Business:
. Agreed that we need a camera, - AQ to organise in conjunction with GS
. Welfare Officer - we need one


Next scheduled meeting of COM will be on Wednesday 15th May, 2019

Precis compiled by John Bambey, Secretary, 2AIRFM





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