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The January meeting was held on Wednesday 16th January, 2019 in the Meeting Room at
24 Glenreagh Street, commencing at 4.00pm.

Present: Richard Moore, John Bambey, Elsie Langford, Ken Capps, Andrew Quadros, John F Sercombe, Garry Sambrook.
Apology: none


Business arising from Minutes of the Last Meeting

. As yet, no-one has borrowed the trailer
. The new bank account is now open for costly purchases.
. The flag sign has been ordered. Delayed arrival due to Christmas break.
. The Street sign ordered from the Council, - should be up within a week.



. No progress out the back as yet.
. Concerns about dead leaf stains on back concrete pad.
. Leaf blower has been purchased. Require someone to clear the back.
. Garry.S is going to level out the top soil mound.
. Large cars having trouble driving up the driveway to the back yard.
. Discussions were had, ... what could be done about the driveway barrier.

Computers & Technical:
. Ian Williams will give computers in studios a health check.
. Sport sting, now is being alternated between Adrian and Judy’s sting.
. Laptop devices causing interference to the signal output. Garry Sambrook will investigate further.
. CD player 3 in studio 1 was not ejecting CDs sometimes.

Programming Committee:
. No PC meeting this month.
. Rita O’Keeffe has stepped into the position of Interview Co Ordinator.
. Policy for Program Committee was introduced.

Fund Raising:
. Purchase more raffle tickets.

Outdoor Music:
. Nothing to report.

. Sales meeting held recently. The meeting was very productive.
. We had 23 paid spon ads, including the news, sport, weather stings and the Passing Parade.
. January and February slow for sales.

. LED strip light under the reception shelf to eliminate shadow.

. All running smoothly.

21st Birthday Committee:
. Progressing.

. Four definite trainees with a further two maybe's starting in January.
. Adrian.P is joining the training team.
. Richard.M is currently revising the manual.

. It was suggested we might get a grant to do the outside cladding & or painting.
. Existing cladding needed to be removed along with the weatherboard underneath.

Licence Renewal:
. Licence application has been sent.

Presenters Policy Manual:
. All Presenters will receive one.

General Business:
. As some of the t-shirts were ordered as long ago as last Open Day, it was decided to order 10 t-shirts.
. RCMA – Ken.C will make contact and investigate.
. Pens – More to be ordered.
. Sign on the tree at the Clog Barn.
. Suggestion box in the office.
. Certificates, will be presented at next presenters meeting.


Next scheduled meeting of COM will be on Wednesday 20th February, 2019

Precis compiled by John Bambey, Secretary, 2AIRFM





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