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The August meeting was held at 24 Glenreagh Street, on Wednesday 15th August 2018,
commencing at 4.00pm.

Present: John F Sercombe (JFS), John Bambey (JB), Garry Sambrook and Elsie Langford (EDL).
Absent: Richard Moore (RM), Ken Capps (KC), John Greene (JG) - all on leave of absence

Matters Discussed

McNair Survey - now closed and awaiting report

Community Radio Network (CRN) : can now download programmes to allow us to utilise programmes when necessary.

Trailer: is now in the process of being renovated by JB, with assistance from John Smith.

New Members: Four new members have been ratified, - Karen Potter, Peter Lockyer, Joy Griffin and Tom Benjamin (rejoined).

Finances - are still in good health, - backyard concreter has been paid.

The Block Wall for the back yard is being organised, - and work will begin soon.

A security gate for the generator will be made and fitted as a matter of urgency.

Concrete driveway entrance to be widened, - edging block to be removed, with concrete to be laid at a later date.

Programming Committee: - telephone interviews were discussed, - COM to organise manual papers and RM to be asked to organise training when he returns from holidays.

Made With Love Markets: JB and John Smith to set up and others to work equipment during the day. Dismantling not finalised, - but Roger Cleary to be approached.

Drought Relief: 2AIR will be running a Sausage Sizzle on Saturday 1st September at Woolworths to raise funds for the CWA Drought Relief Fund. COM will pay all expenses, and Woolworths to be asked to donate the sausages etc., to maximise takings.

Sponsorship: 23 invoices sent out this month.

Meat Competition on Wednesday Mornings: to continue as an All Listeners competition, but any winners who are not members, will receive a letter and application form included in the Winners envelope. EDL to organise the necessary paperwork etc., with Office staff.

EDL to also look at how we can do the same for the Thursday competition as well.

Bumper Sticker Competition: going OK - some winners found - donations of prizes coming in after letters sent out by Secretary.

Training : Two more new presenters are now on air, - on a fortnightly basis. - Lily on Sunday World of Music, and Virginia on Friday Hands of Time.

Leave of absence for the next meeting continuing for John Greene


Next scheduled meeting of COM will be on 19th September, 2018

Precis compiled by Elsie Langford, Secretary, 2AIRFM





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