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The July meeting was held on Tuesday 17th July, 2019 in the Meeting Room at
24 Glenreagh Street, commencing at 4.00pm.

Present: Members in attendance were:
John Sercombe (JFS), John Bambey (JB), Elsie Langford (EL),
Ken Capps (KC), Andrew Quadros (AQ), Garry Sambrook (GS).
Sick: Charles Boothman (CB)


Matters discussed were:

. 2AIRFM publicity sign now on tree at Clog Barn, - and contra spon-ads now being played
. Copyright - still not clarified re: AppleMusic - must show caution until we get further information
. Monitor in Kitchen - now to go on at 4pm and off when last Presenter leaves - notice on board



. Backyard area being started, - GS is organising steel, workers etc.
. Concrete edging down driveway to be left until after the 21st birthday event, - as removal of this concrete will require some remedial work to make safe.
. Air conditioning to be installed in downstairs area - GS is arranging.

Computers & Technical:
. Discussion re: necessity for Internet on studio computers, - it was decided to remove Internet and then review, - GS or Ian W. to organise.
. Interference in transmission (distortion), - source unknown but Presenters need to note time etc., in studio book if this arises, - this will provide GS with the opportunity to source the problem - information relating to this will be put on the Presenters' Page on website, to reinforce the help required from Presenters.

Programming Committee:
. The matter of Saturday night Request Program was discussed at both the programming Committee and COM meetings - Secretary to write to to Programming Committe regarding this matter - to be brought forward to their next meeting (with newly elected members).
. Duty Announcer: suggestion be referred to to new Programming Committee
. Local Writers: - permission to advertise for them - agreed, - community notices to be organised

Fund Raising:
. No more Sausage Sizzles at Woolworths - reason: area owned by Coffs Harbour City Council and we would have to:
.. book through them, and
.. provide the BBQ etc.
. Cavanbah Hall booked for Christmas Party - booking paid as well as a redeemable bond.

Outdoor Music:
. Report on successful Chilli Festival - set up in the grounds of the Sawtell Art Gallery.

. Several contacts re: weather spons-ad ... hopeful one will take it up.
. Some old sponsors renewing for further months.

. All is going smoothly.

21st Birthday Committee:
. Arrangements coming along nicely, - JFS is organising with committee.

Media & Website:
. AQ to organise Presenters' Page on Website with Ian Williams.

. AQ noted mostly going well, - but with a couple of hiccups.

Complaints and Grievances:
. Nil.

General Business:
. Levelling of topsoil and beautification of area to the back of Production Room to be organised by GS and helpers.


Next scheduled meeting of COM will be on Wednesday 21st August, 2019 at 4.00pm

Precis compiled by John Bambey, Secretary, 2AIRFM





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