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During Creative Corner on Tuesday November 24th, Olga interviewed Jasmine Winter from the Graduating Class of 2020, - Diploma of Visual Arts, TAFE.
Jasmine and Olga spoke about the upcoming exhibition at the Sawtell Art Gallery, Luminance. Jasmine provided details about the exhibition, along with information about the works from those in the class, as well as the range of mediums that will feature in the show.




On Thursday November 19th during the Community Show, John interviewed Lisa Delfavero, from the Moonee Beach Veterinary Surgery.
This interview provided an extensive and in-depth discussion about fleas and ticks, including their life-cycle, breeding and feeding habits, prevention and treatment, as well as strategies to control them.




In a second interview on Thursday 19th, John spoke with Terry Ronan, the Publicity Officer for MENtors for Men, Coffs Coast.
Terry provided details about the group and how it functions, as well as details about their meetings, along with contact locations and details.




During Creative Corner on Tuesday November 17th, Olga interviewed Lisa Magri and Michaela Kloeckner of the Coastal Claymakers.
Lisa and Michaela spoke about the Coastal Claymakers' upcoming fund-raising event Empty Bowls, - to be held at the Coramba Community Hall. The interview also provided information and background about the Coastal Claymakers club, its activities and functions.




On Thursday November 12th during the Community Show, Trea interviewed local Podiatrist Alan White.
Alan and Trea discussed a wide range of foot and ankle conditions, as well as the associated diagnosis, treatment and care. Alan also spoke about different types of feet, along with shoes to assist with foot and ankle health.




During Creative Corner on Tuesday November 10th, Olga interviewed Yvonne Kachel, Founder of a new Coffs Harbour Organisation, - Coffs Harbour Older Women's Network.
Olga and Yvonne discussed the health and welfare of older women and the need for a support network. Yvonne then went on to talk about the launch of the group and what it hopes to achieve for older women in the Coffs Harbour area.




During the Community Show on Thursday November 5th, Rita played a pre-recorded interview with Sturt Eastwood, the CEO of Diabetes NSW.
Sturt provided an in-depth and interesting explanation of diabetes and it types, as well as the impact and implications of COVID/Coronavirus for diabetes sufferers. Rita and Sturt also discussed health care option for those dealing with diabetes.




During Creative Corner on Tuesday November 3rd, Olga interviewed 2AIRFM's Volunteer of the Month for November, - Fran Short (Shorty).
Olga and Fran discussed her background in volunteering at 2AIR, along with an overview of her roles at the station including office, presenter and interviewer; as well as outside interests and volunteering away from the station. Fran also spoke about her love of music and when listeners can tune into her shows.




During Creative Corner on Tuesday October 27th, Olga interviewed Sherilyn Hawley and Harriet Bystrom
from the Woolgoolga Art Group.
The Woolgoolga Art Gallery will be holding an exhibition in November, titled ‘Paper Wax Scissors’. Sherilyn, who is an encaustic artist, and Harriet, a mixed media artist, will both be showing their works at the exhibition. During the interview Harriet and Sherilyn spoke about their artistic background, along with an explanation of the mediums they use, as well as an overview of what will be shown at the upcoming exhibition.




In a second interview on Tuesday October 27th, Olga interviews Ingrid Gardiner from the Coffs Harbour Collectors Club.
On Saturday October 31st, the Coffs Harbour Collectors Club will be holding their Market Day. Ingrid and Olga discussed the upcoming Market Day, - along with the where and when, as well as details about events, activities and what will be on sale.






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