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Thursday 21st November (Community Show : 9.00am to 10.30am)

Fran will interview Beth Spriggs, the Club Coach of the Titivators Urunga Dragon Boat Club.
Titivators Urunga Dragon Boat Club is a sporting club which paddles at Urunga. Beth and Fran will discuss the club and its activities, along with the benefits and rewards of dragon boat paddling.








(Thursday 14th November) In a pre-recorded interview, Rita interviews Tony Simmons – the manager of the iconic and long-running Jack Simmons Mensland store, (Coffs Harbour).
Tony provides a retrospective view of Coffs Harbour from the 1950s through to the current day, - along with his thoughts about events and changes occurring during that time.




On Thursday 31st October, Rita interviewed Shirley Rose from the Ulysses Club (Coffs Coast Branch).
Shirley spoke about the history and background of the club, as well as her experiences with the club. Shirley also talked about the club events and activities, along with the club’s involvement in local community charities.




During the Community Show on Thursday 24th October, Fran interviewed Dennis Martin, the Manager of the Coffs Harbour Airport.
Dennis spoke about his experiences during his 35 years at the airport and the development of the airport and its facilities during that time. Dennis also talked about the future direction of the airport including the Airport Enterprise Park development and the feasibility of leasing the airport.




On Thursday 17th October, Rita interviewed Mary and Owen from the Coffs Seniors Computer Club.
The Coffs Seniors Computer Club meets on Mondays at Cavanbah Centre, where tuition is provided by volunteers on a wide range of computing topics.
Mary spoke about the club and provided an overview of its activities, both technical and social. Owen, a technical tutor with the club, spoke about how the club can help seniors with their computers, tablets and mobile phones.




Thursday 17th October Rita interviewed Jane Walsh, the North Coast Director of BreastScreen NSW.
This October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and during the interview Jane and Rita discussed breast cancer and its impact on those affected by the disease in our community. Jane also spoke about the breast screen program and its benefits, as well as how to take part in it.




Thursday 10th October, 2018 (The Community Show : 9.00-10.30am).
Rita interviewed Katrina Vanderzwan, the Manager of Police Citizens Youth Club (PCYC), Coffs Harbour, and Senior Constable Daniel Usher, from the Coffs-Clarence Police District.
Katrina and Daniel spoke about the background and history of club and centre, as well as providing an overview of current and future programs conducted by the club.




Thursday 19th September, 2018 (The Community Show : 9.00-10.30am)
Heather interviewed Stuart Ward, Manager at the Coffs Harbour Red Cross Blood Service.
Stuart and Heather discussed the operation and functions of the Blood Service and how the public can assist this vital service, - by way of blood donations.






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