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Thursday 23rd May, 2019 (The Community Show : 9.00-10.30am)
In a pre-recorded interview, Rita will talk with Shelley Lowe, who was recently named the 2019 International Women's Day Coffs Coast Woman of the Year.
Shelley will talk about the award, as well as her involvement in fitness and sport, along with her classes and programs including : 'BootCamp', 'UcanDO', and 'Stepping On'.



Thursday 30th May, 2019 (The Community Show : 9.00-10.30am)
Olga will interview Seth Jordan, the Publicity Officer for this year's Bellingen Readers & Writers Festival.
With a focus on contemporary Australian writers, the festival (held on the long weekend in June), presents an exciting line-up of literary talent.
Seth and Olga will discuss the events and activities being held during the festival.





On Thursday 16th May, - during the Community Show, Max interviewed Terri Beckhouse, the Publicity Officer for the Coffs Harbour Collectors Club.
Terri and Max spoke about the club, its activities and what it can offer those who might be interested in becoming a collector.
Of particular interest is the upcoming Collectors’ Fair to be held on Saturday and Sunday – 25th and 26th of May.




In a second interview on Thursday 16th May, - during the Community Show, Max interviewed Brian Burns the Publicity Officer of Coffs City Probus Club.
Brian and Max discussed the functions of the Coffs City Probus club, its members and what they do. If you're looking for friendship, fellowship and fun in retirement, - have a listen to this interview, - Probus could be for you.




Thursday 9th May, 2019 (The Community Show : 9.00-10.30am)
Olga interviewed the Mayor of Coffs Harbour City Council, Denise Knight, about a wide range of topics, including activities, events and council projects in and around the Coffs Coast.
For those interested in what has been happening on the Coffs Coast, and what is planned for the future, this interview is well worth listening to.




On Thursday 9th May, during the Community Show, Olga interviewed Melissa Crossland from the Coffs Harbour Show Society.
With the annual Coffs Harbour Show due to start on the 17th of this month, this interview provides a timely overview of the wide range of events and activities taking place this year.




During the Creative Corner Show on Tuesday 7th May, Olga interviewed Richard Meredith, the Publicity Officer, South Coffs Community Gardens.
Richard and Olga spoke about the objectives of the garden, along with the wide range of activities and events that take place at the garden.




During the Community Show on Thursday May 2nd, Rita spoke with Eve Colley, the Publicity Officer of the North Coast Regional Botanic Garden.
Rita and Eve discuss upcoming events at the Garden, as well as some of the features and highlights of the Botanic Garden. Eve also provides information about how to volunteer at the Garden and the range of activities and roles available to volunteers.






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