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Thursday 7th December (The Community Show : 9.00-10.30am)

As an introduction to the Gardening Coffs Harbour series, Eve and Jan will talk about the Coffs Harbour Botanic Garden.
Among the topics included will be where it is located, what you can expect to find in the Garden, and information about guided tours, and joining the Friends of the Garden.



Thursday 14th December (The Community Show : 9.00-10.30am)

In the second ‘Gardening’ talk, Eve and Jan will talk about planting for drought conditions.
Topics include : how to be water-wise, what plants are best to cope with arid conditions and mulching techniques.



Thursday 21st December (The Community Show : 9.00-10.30am)

The topic of this interview is planting a garden to attract birds, bees, butterflies and animals.
Eve and Jan will talk about how you can encourage native wildlife and insects into your garden by selecting and planting wildlife-friendly species.



Thursday 28th December (The Community Show : 9.00-10.30am)

Ever wondered how to propagate plants ?
This talk will guide you through the process, with hints and tips on how to get the best results, and which plants are most suited to propagation.






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