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The Back Yard - Mid-September 2018
The brick edging around the eastern and southern perimeters is now completed.



The Back Yard - September 2018
The brick edging around the eastern and southern perimeters is now under construction.
A full-height wall will be built along the southern boundary, and lower level wall along the eastern edge.



Open Day - 2018

Click here to view photos from this year's Open Day.



The Back Yard - August 2018

The concrete has now been poured for the back yard parking and recreation area.
The next step involves ‘bricking-in’ retaining walls around the eastern and southern sides of the yard.


Concreting the Back Yard - July 2018

Work has now begun in preparation for concreting the back yard of the premises.
The ground has been graded and leveled, with a slight fall towards the centre for drainage.
Form-boards are in place, as is the underlay, trench-mesh and slab reinforcement.

Concreting of the back yard will provide car parking for those with mobility issues, as well as a recreation area for future social occasions.



State Government Grant - January 2018

The improvements to our studios continue with 2AIR being successful in receiving a State Government Grant to concrete the area behind the studios for disabled parking and recreation activities.
The Grant, as part of the NSW Government Community Building Fund program, will allow us to complete the last major project in the establishment of our studios.

State MP. Andrew Fraser, delivered the good news to President Richard Moore.
Richard spent many hours in writing and meeting the particular conditions for the Grant and was not all that optimistic it would succeed.
Richard said “It was one of the hardest applications I have ever written as so many criteria had changed.
I was stunned we received the full amount applied for ($23,200)."
Richard thanked Andrew and his advisory team for their support of the application.

The Grant will allow concreting of the car parking at the rear for those with mobility issues; a recreation area and BBQ for future social occasions; controlled drainage to ensure heavy stormwater is directed to pipes already installed; a small garden area adjoining the rear fence.

The Backyard as it is now, (January 2018).

The coming months will see many changes,
... keep an eye on this page for updates.



Garden Landscaped

Work on the gardens has begun, with plants and mulch in place.

Front Garden

Side Garden


Our Garden Has Grown - August 2018

Rear of Building

Work continues around the exterior of the premises with the rear of the building being bricked-in and rendered, prior to extending the rear landing.

Additional brickwork has been added to the generator enclosure, along with drainage and grating.



Brickwork rendered, - prior to painting


Generator Enclosure

Top-soil for Gardens





Backyard Graded and Leveled.





Blinds for Western Windows Installed

The blinds for the western windows have now been installed.
With summer temperatures in the high 20's and low 30's, the blinds are providing welcome protection and relief from the summer sun for the Meeting Room and Studio 1.





Blinds for Western Windows

Quotes have been sought for blinds for the windows on the western side of the building.
These blinds will provide protection and relief from the summer sun for the Meeting Room and Studio 1.
It is expected that these blinds will be installed over the coming weeks.





Inner Wheel Coffs Harbour, Donation

Val Browning from Inner Wheel Coffs Harbour (Rotary Associate), giving a donation of $500 to president Richard Moore towards the New Studios.





The Big News

The big news is the generous grant we have received from the CEX Club.
They will be giving us $11,500 to purchase the necessary electricity generator and all the switching gear!!
When the power goes off, it will switch in within seconds and keep us “on-air” and safe, particularly at night.
This is a really wonderful gesture and we’re so appreciative of the CEX Club, who are also one of our long term sponsors.




Lions show the way...


Community Radio 2Air FM has started to prepare to set up their new studios in Glenreagh Street, and Pacific City Lions have started the ball rolling with a $200 donation towards the disabled toilet which will need to be installed in this new facility manned entirely by volunteers!

Pacific City President Don Gordon (shown here gifting the cheque for $200 to 2AIR Vice President John F Sercombe), has issued a challenge to the other service clubs to meet or exceed their donation so that 2AIR can at least put together the disabled toilet without having to worry about the funds to pay for it!


President of 2AIR FM, Richard Moore said 'we have along way to go, but with community support like the donation from Pacific Lions, we'll get the new studios completed over a period.'




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