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Coffs Coast Community Radio Incorporated's
(2AIR FM’s) Music Policy



Community broadcasters are renowned for supporting new, local, independent and particularly Australian music. Many musicians have had their first airplay and interviews on our stations. We are in a unique position to play and engage with a broad range of musical styles. Our support of the music industry and diverse music played is one of the key reasons people listen to community radio.

The 2006 McNair Audience Research Survey shows that two key reasons people listen to community radio stations are:


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that 2AIR FM:



  1. Broadcasters are encouraged to provide a wide range of musical styles while taking into account the station’s aims and objectives and the individual program’s aims and objectives.
  2. All programs will endeavor to ensure that of the total music played throughout a program, at least 30% of this is Australian unless:
  1. The programs aim is to focus on music or culture other than Australian
  2. The musical style of a program is of a nature that does not have a high instance of Australian recordings.
  1. In the cases of 2.a and 2.b, prior approval must be given by the programming committee for a program to qualify for these exemptions.
  2. All Australian recordings that are the property of the station will be visibly identified as Australian.
  3. An audit of Australian music content will be conducted on a monthly basis.
  4. Presenters are encouraged to, within the confines of the sponsorship framework, promote events where local musicians are featured.
  5. Presenters must not make representations to record companies or other music suppliers on behalf of 2AIR FM unless prior consent has been given by the Board
  6. 2AIR FM will not accept any form of payment in cash or in-kind, in return for providing airplay or promotion of music, except under standard sponsorship arrangements.


Download a printable version of this policy here.



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