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2AIRFM Goes Live Again

2AIR’s Presenters will be back in the Studios, as from Monday 25th May.
All your favourite music from all your favourite Presenters, along with News on the Hour.


Saturday Requests

This Saturday (30th May), 2AIRFM will feature our Saturday Request Show, from 6pm to 10pm.

For requests, ring on the night, - 6652 1071, ... or

Make your requests online, by clicking here.






Border plantings coming along well.

The plants around the northern edge of the property are now well established, and the turf on the eastern perimeter has survived the dry conditions.



Landscaping Adjacent Grounds

The roping-off of the grounds adjacent to the north of the property has proved to be successful, with grasses now regenerated and the grounds looking much tidier than in the past.



Solar Panels (PV) Installed

Solar Panels (photovoltaic) have now been installed across the roof of the sheltered parking and storage area,
- along with the eastern roof of the main building.
When operational, the electricity generated by the panels will help to reduce our energy costs,
... as well as doing our bit for the environment.



Listener Comments and Feedback

Listeners can now provide feedback and comments about its broadcast content and programs.
If you would like to provide feedback please click here.






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