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Border plantings coming along well.

The plants around the northern edge of the property are now well established, and the turf on the eastern perimeter has survived the dry conditions.



Landscaping Adjacent Grounds

The roping-off of the grounds adjacent to the north of the property has proved to be successful, with grasses now regenerated and the grounds looking much tidier than in the past.



Solar Panels (PV) Installed

Solar Panels (photovoltaic) have now been installed across the roof of the sheltered parking and storage area,
- along with the eastern roof of the main building.
When operational, the electricity generated by the panels will help to reduce our energy costs,
... as well as doing our bit for the environment.



Landscaping Adjacent Grounds

Work has begun on landscaping the adjacent grounds to the north of the premises. The area has been graded and levelled, - and roped-off to allow the space to settle and regenerate.



Entry Awning Replaced and Driveway Edging Removed

The original (small) awning over the side entry has now been replaced with the awning from the rear of the premises, ... providing better protection from the elements.
The edging of the side driveway has been removed to allow better access to and from the rear parking area.



Storage Shed ...

The Storage Shed is now at lockup stage, - with external wall cladding and doors in place.



For requests, - ring the Office on 6652 1071
(Mon-Fri / 9am-4pm)


Make your requests online, by clicking here.




Storage Shed ...

The Roller Door for the Storage Shed is now in place, - and work has begun on the electrical wiring.



Work continues out the back ...

Turf has been laid around the perimeter.

The roof is now in place, and work has begun on the lining.



Backyard works ...

Vertical supports are now in place, - and work has begun on framing for the storage area.



Beautification of backyard surrounds has begun, ...

Mulch has been spread around the raised perimeter, and border plants have been established.



Extending the Backyard Roofline

Work has begun on extending the backyard roofline, to provide an all-weather outdoor area and storage shed.


Gerry and Garry working on the rear wall support for the roofing purlins.


Studs for the vertical supports have been embedded in the concrete base.



Work on the Backyard Surrounds Continues ...

The outer surrounds to the backyard have now been graded and levelled, with a raised area (for border plantings), around the perimeter.



Presenter Training

Do you love music and would like to share it with your local community ?
Then why not be a presenter on 2Air FM. We play a wide variety of music including easy listening, country, jazz, blues, world, classical and nostalgia.

Training schools for Presenters are run at regular intervals.
If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a 2AIRFM Presenter, please contact the station on 6652 1071.
* You will need to be a paid up member to do the course.



More Interviews

Recently a number of Presenters have undergone intensive training to interview people from our area.
Our Community program every Thursday at 9am usually has one or two people from the area as guests.
Presenters who will be involved as Interviewers include : Rita, Heather, Fran, Trea and Max.
Another example of how 2AIR FM is developing its presenters and expanding its Community role.



Listener Comments and Feedback

Listeners can now provide feedback and comments about its broadcast content and programs.
If you would like to provide feedback please click here.



Programming Committee

The 2AIRFM Programming Committe for the year for 2019-20 (in alphabetical order) is:


Member's Draw Competition

The (members only) competition is run each Friday morning during the 'The Breakfast Program'.
We have different prizes each week and the competition is proving very popular with our members.
The start of the competition is announced on-air, - usually about 8.15am. Ring the station on 6652-1071 to enter the competition.
The draw for the winner takes place around 8.55am.

Click here for more details.




New Programs

We are thrilled to present a totally new program designed to highlight the cultural side of our district.

CREATIVE CORNER, presented by Olga, will bring you news from the Library, various exhibitions, news from the many creative and artistic groups in the area as well as theatre and performance news.
It's a program that acknowledges and promotes the large and diversified talent in our area.

Creative Corner goes to air at 10.30am every Tuesday.






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